Hey! I’m Kevin, an honours Mathematics and Computer Science student at the University of British Columbia.

My main interest lies in cryptography. Most of the posts and projects on my website are cryptography-related, varying from educational writeups to interactive tools. I also lead UBC’s cybersecurity club, known internationally as Maple Bacon. We frequently compete in Capture The Flag competitions and consistently place 1st in Canada, top 20 worldwide. Notably, we won DEFCON 30 with team MMM and hosted our own competition to great success.

In addition, I enjoy algorithmic problem-solving, representing UBC at the 2022 ICPC North American Championships and placing 102nd in the annual Advent of Code challenge. I go by the handle vEvergarden on popular competitive programming websites such as Codeforces and DMOJ.

I currently work as a software engineer at Ntropy, developing the backend for intelligent transaction enrichment. I’m passionate about creating novel, easy-to-use applications - check out my projects for more!

You can find me on GitHub or reach out by email.